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Committed to
Healthcare Excellence

We build beautiful user experiences and intelligent software for patients and clinicians.

Our Reach
28 Health Systems
100+ Hospitals
1M+ Patients served
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Founded in 2017

Our Story

Vital is on a mission to create beautiful, intelligent software for patients and providers. And we're not just saying this...

We're doing it.

Our talented team of AI aficionados, UI experts, medical professionals, and health system executives have built solutions that radically change the way health systems, providers, and patients interact in and beyond the hospital.

Founded by creator Aaron Patzer and Emergency Physician Dr. Justin Schrager, we inform and engage over one million people per year. More than 100 hospitals use Vital to make patients happier, drive growth, achieve better clinical outcomes, and reduce workload for care teams.

Our Values

Our Core Beliefs

These are the guiding principles of everything we do at Vital.

Health Centric

Our goal is to create beautiful, intelligent software for patients and providers:

  • To enable clear, calm, personalized guidance during and after acute or episodic health events.
  • To translate what providers are doing and saying into understandable human terms.
  • To motivate decisions with data and achievable actions across the care continuum.
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Constant improvement

We continually innovate and push the bounds of health tech. That means AI and algorithms everywhere. Easy to use internal tools to make a small team more productive.

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Vital is easy to use, with little-to-no training. We create software that people actually understand and can use.

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This is a decades-long business, and we care about this industry. Making a difference is important to us.

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Who We Are

Meet Our Leaders

Aaron Patzer

Founder of and former VP of Product Innovation at Intuit, Aaron harnesses his AI expertise to innovate in healthcare. With 10 patents in algorithms, and multiple design awards, his life's mission is to make the complex simple.

Aaron Patzer

Chief Executive Officer

Justin Schrager, MD

Author of 20+ papers with a focus on responsibly advancing the use of AI in healthcare, Justin's mission is to use technology to improve the acute care experience for patients, their families, and the people who take care of them in the hospital.

Justin Schrager, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Emergency Physician

Te Riu Warren

With a strong track record in accelerating startups and software teams, Te leads and optimizes Vital's data security, IT infrastructure, and machine learning initiatives. He is passionate about advancing healthcare tech.

Te Riu Warren

Chief Technology Officer

Joe Sedlak, RN

A nurse with 25 years of experience in health tech, Joe's team ensures Vital's customers optimize their investment to solve some of the most pressing challenges in hospitals today. He lives on picturesque Lake Chautauqua in New York.

Joe Sedlak, RN

Senior Vice President, Client Success

Kevin Tiemann

Kevin leverages his deep experience in B2B SaaS solutions and health tech to help hospitals form more meaningful connections that drive patient loyalty and strong business performance. An avid runner, Kevin lives in beautiful Boise, Idaho.

Kevin Tiemann

Senior Vice President, Sales


Stories from Our Clients

There's no question about it. This technology and our methods of high reliability have really achieved some amazing results.

Mark Slyter
DSc President and CEO, Dignity Health East Valley Arizona

Patients who use ERAdvisor are better prepared, are calmer about waiting and visits go more smoothly.

Emergency Physician

This platform not only fits within our existing processes, it enhances them without adding to our staff's workload, which has been crucial for our operational success.

James Fountain
Executive Director of Emergency Services, West Tennessee Healthcare

The increase in staff recognition has been so significant, people working in other areas of the hospital have started asking me what our secret is.

Trey Plaisance
Clinical Director, West Jefferson Medical Center Emergency Department
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