Why the Health Progress Meter is a Must See

David Wright
David WrightAugust 17th, 2022

If you or a loved one has ever been hospitalized, think about the questions that were top of mind for you: 

  • Am I getting better?

  • When will I be able to go home?

  • How am I responding to my care plan?

  • What can I do to progress my stay here in the hospital?

These are common questions for most patients and their family while in the hospital. Most patients are dependent on staff to answer these questions. The lack of timely up-to-date answers, however, can leave patients and their family feeling a lack of control or even dissatisfaction about the level of communication they had with hospital staff.

The Health Progress Meter is a key feature within CareAdvisor, Vital’s inpatient solution. Available through the patient's mobile device, it gives patients real-time updates about their health, flags changes in condition, educates them about their care plan and tests, and helps them set goals for themselves during their inpatient stay.

Built as an interactive tool, it is designed to provide patients a greater sense of control during their hospital stay. It also supports staff by providing answers to questions patients often seek answers to.

Real-Time Health Progress Reports

Vital’s Health Progress Meter combines EHR data with artificial intelligence to provide an individualized health progress dashboard for the patient. It adjusts to real-time data, educates the patient, flags changes in the patient’s condition, and helps the patient and their family set goals to advance their progress towards discharge and the next phase of their care journey. Patients are more satisfied because the information is personalized to them and they gain the ability to influence their progress during their hospital stay.

Patient outcomes improve. Length of stay can be shortened. Communication demands on staff are lightened.

How it Works

Vital looks at changes in the patient’s condition in real-time, including:

  • Vital signs

  • Care intensity

  • Assessments of strength, fall risk, mental awareness, etc.

  • Pain score and IV medications

  • Test results

  • Patient’s self evaluation

Vital incorporates data feeds from the EHR and combines that with patient identified goals and self assessments. These, in addition to Vital's proprietary machine learning analytics, provide the patient (and their family) with a pulse check on status and progress. This helps patients stay informed about changes in their vital signs and clinical assessments, the status and results from lab and imaging studies, and how well they are doing against goals they set for themselves during their hospital stay.

Patient Activation and Progress

The Health Progress Meter was designed to empower patients to take an active role in their care during and after their hospital stay. Experience and studies show that when patients are active participants in their care, outcomes improve. Vital built this based on the belief that by providing patients and their family with real-time updates and changes in their care and condition, patients gain a sense of control and empowerment.

This motivates the patient to establish and attain goals they set for themselves, and complete daily check-ins and self assessments. These provide staff valuable feedback that can shape the patient’s care plan.

Significant Benefits for Patients and Staff 

To our knowledge, there is nothing in the market today that mirrors the Health Progress Meter's capabilities or benefits. Patients can access a patient-friendly dashboard via their phone. It is simple to use and offers a beautiful user experience. The innovative combination of EHR data, patient assessments, and AI analytics makes this valuable to health systems seeking to improve both the patient experience and patient care outcomes.

There are several specific benefits for both patients and staff that health systems can derive from CareAdvisor, and more specifically, the use of the Health Progress Meter including: 

  • High utilization. The dynamic, real-time reporting of patient status and progress serves well in keeping patients interested and motivated to return to the dashboard daily and more during their hospital stay.  That frequent utilization of the Health Progress Meter also has the spin-off effect on the use of other features and tools within CareAdvisor.

  • Improved outcomes. Patients and family have the information they need to influence their progress and in doing so, length of stay, their experience, and outcomes.

  • Rounding. The Health Progress Meter is an excellent resource for use by clinical teams during patient care rounds.  Clinical teams can use the findings and results in the dashboard to engage the patient in a review about their care and health status.

  • Clinical decision support. Staff also benefit from the clinical decision support resources available through CareAdvisor and in particular, from the comprehensive progress assessment that is informative in care planning for the individual patient.

  • Better work environment. The care environment for staff is enriched because engaged, empowered, and satisfied patients are often easier and more efficient to care for.

  • Efficient workflows. CareAdvisor enables a more efficient, informed and smooth workflow for staff. The Health Progress Meter provides regular updates for the patients, provides tools that automate daily processes, and offers clinical decision support.

The Latest Innovation from Vital

The compilation of tools and resources for both patient and staff within Vital’s inpatient digital health solution, CareAdvisor, transforms the care experience for everyone. The Health Progress Meter in particular is one of the most unique, patient empowering, digital health features in the market today. It reflects Vital’s continued innovation and expanded use of machine learning and predictive analytics to provide a better, more robust patient, family, and clinician experience.

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