March 28th, 2022

You've Signed with Vital, Now What?!

Cameron Meade
Written byCameron MeadeDirector of Professional Services

Our Implementation Team is committed to a seamless, guided experience for our clients.

Our Team and Goals

We will be with you every step of the way, providing support and best practices to ensure a successful launch. We’ve seen the impact of real-time, personalized updates for Emergency Department patients and are excited to walk clients through the process to launch in their EDs. Before we jump into the details of our workgroup streams, let me quickly introduce the structure of our team.

The Implementation Team here at Vital has the goal of onboarding your hospital’s operational and technical teams to ERAdvisor – ultimately ensuring a successful go-live, smooth rollout process, and strong relationship with your team. We have worked hard to refine our implementation process to keep the project running smoothly and are always advancing toward ‘go-live’. 

Throughout the implementation process you will work with various members from the Vital team. The Implementation Manager (this is my role) will serve as your main point of contact, heading up all operational work with your team and facilitating completion of the integration work. The Integration team serves as the technical experts for all data integration efforts associated with an implementation. In addition, you will also engage with our Client Success team who will work closely with you to ensure both short-term and long-term success.

Implementation Workgroups

Throughout this process, we work with key leaders at your organization to ensure we meet the needs of your Emergency Department staff, track and progress against your organizational goals, and ultimately deliver ERAdvisor to your ED. 

ERAdvisor is driven entirely behind the scenes by the data coming from your Registration system, EHR, and ancillary applications. The patient experience kicks off with the collection of a patient’s cell phone number during registration, and at that point, automatically provides patients with critical information about their visit – with no assistance or workflow change required by Patient Access or Clinical staff. 

In order to launch, we will create the following distinct workgroups that fulfill various goals:

  • ED Leadership Team: We work with your group to collect and confirm details around the Emergency Department, including key workflow, overall ED layout, volume metrics, etc. This group also determines key metrics to track pre, during and post go live.

  • ED Patient Access / Registration: While the ERAdvisor patient experience does not impact workflows for hospital staff, successful patient engagement requires collection of a cell phone number that is typically done by Patient Access staff. As a result, the Patient Access leadership and greater team are involved in the implementation process early (from kickoff) and beyond. Our team will work with this group to verify registration workflows, with a particular focus on early cell phone number collection. We will also focus on efforts to support Patient Access staff with ERAdvisor, including scripting and awareness campaigns in advance of go live.

  • ED Clinical Team: A major benefit for the staff at any Emergency Department is that ERAdvisor does not impact any workflows or require any intervention from staff. With Patient Access teams focused on cell phone collection, the ED Clinical team does not interact often with ERAdvisor. During the implementation process, the Vital implementation team works with ED Clinical Leadership to deploy awareness campaigns for staff, ensuring staff know how ERAdvisor works and what their patient might be seeing when they are looking at their phone. We also drill into ED clinical flows with the team, ensuring full understanding of patient movement throughout the department and staff workflows.

  • Marketing: We engage with the Marketing team to increase patient awareness of ERAdvisor throughout their ED visit through the use of various marketing strategies. We provide a marketing package that includes recommended prints, digital files, and mediums for awareness. 

  • Technical: The ERAdvisor team will work with your group to scope, test, and deploy interfaces to Vital to support the ERAdvisor patient experience. Our software is built with security and the future in mind.

Guided, Team-Focused Success

With a strong understanding of your Emergency Department workflows and solid awareness campaigns for ED staff, the ERAdvisor patient experience will run seamlessly for patients, leading to increased patient satisfaction, reduced uncertainty, increased follow-up, and fewer staff questions. 

We’re looking forward to getting started with your team!

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