Case Study

69% of Families at Major Children's Hospital Utilize ERAdvisor to Track ED Visits

A top-ten Children’s Hospital was concerned about their patient experience scores. Nurses’ annual merit increases are based on patient experience scores, and they found that staff-patient communication was one of their weakest areas on patient surveys. The hospital partnered with Vital to implement ERAdvisor, with a goal of improving patient communication in their Pediatric ED.

Enhanced Patient Communication

With ERAdvisor, families can view accurate and personalized wait times, understand what to expect during their ED visit, and share status updates with loved ones – all accessible via a text message on their smartphone. Information about patients’ entire care teams are displayed, ensuring caregivers are informed. Each patient can view a “busyness histogram” which shows wait times according to ED data. 

Additionally, Vital and the health system worked together to implement pediatric-specific features. Vital added filters to ensure links are not sent to caregivers of children who might need extra precautions and safety measures in place.

Remarkable Results

Over 60,000 families per year are using ERAdvisor at the hospital, which accounts for 69% of all patients visiting the Pediatric ED. Families are using ERAdvisor to access the health system’s patient portal at a high rate of 29%. Vital also sends families a link for follow-up care after their ED discharge. This link is being clicked over 1,200 times a month – leading to increased revenue through follow-up appointments. 

Vital and the health system have partnered to bring ERAdvisor to Pediatric EDs with great success – demonstrating the importance of optimized patient communication in Pediatric EDs.