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Vital Introduces the Next Generation of Inpatient Care Delivery

Empowering patients throughout their care journey

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The comprehensive inpatient care platform

Vital has built the next generation of digital health tools for the inpatient setting — developed and designed based upon user feedback and lessons learned from the past two decades.

CareAdvisor advantage

The Inpatient Solution provides a unique set of features and capabilities that transform the inpatient care experience for patients and their care teams by:

  • Creating a truly individualized care experience providing patients and staff information, data, and interventions that distinctively engage, motivate, and involve the patient based on what's important to them.
  • Leveraging the power of AI and NLP to provide clinicians with precise clinical decision support tools and deeper knowledge about the patient, their status, and their needs.
  • Improving the flow, ease, and relevance of communication between patient, family, and care team.
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