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Vital's Experience Management Tool Empowers Patients to Provide Real-Time Feedback

Flag concerns and recognize great care, instantly!

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Improve the patient care experience

Beyond viewing personalized visit information such as wait times, status of test results, discharge information, and more, patients can now use Vital to complete:

  • Patient surveys
  • Staff recognition
  • Service recovery

The result is a more efficient way to manage the care experience and improve patient satisfaction scores.

Client outcomes

  • Overwhelmingly positive feedback
    Providers felt it helped give them a helpful heads-up on patient complaints and that they were able to intervene before patients left the ED.
  • Google reviews improved 2.7 to 4.7 in 6 months!
    “Vital's Experience Management tool has already had a positive impact on our Google ratings, and we only implemented it a few weeks ago” said Jess Allen, Director, Emergency Services at Chandler Regional Medical Center. “It's extremely rare to see that type of immediate ROI”.
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