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7 Ways Overcrowded EDs Can Address Patient Experience

Consumerism in the ED

Whether you're a hotel guest, a restaurant diner, or an athletic club member, it's natural to expect a certain amount of personal attention. And if you don't feel you're being seen or heard, you're likely to take your business elsewhere.

The same is true of emergency department (ED) patients. In fact, you could argue that patients are even more sensitive to poor experiences due to the stress they're already feeling when they walk into an overcrowded ED.

This can have a negative impact on several success metrics, including:

  • High left without being seen (LWBS) rates
  • Poor ED CAHPS scores
  • Low patient satisfaction survey results
  • Reputation-harming online reviews

Fortunately, today's technology can help hospital leaders avoid some of the negative consequences of overcrowding. In this e-book, we'll explore a variety of recent advancements — including those powered by artificial intelligence (AI) — that you might consider for your own ED.

Download the e-book for 7 tips to address ED overcrowding informed by data collected from Vital clients at 100+ hospitals and more than 1M patients annually.

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