Patient Satisfaction

Downtown Arizona Hospital sees significant improvement in patient satisfaction with Vital

Health System meets evolving patient expectations

Today's patients expect the same transparency, convenience and personalization from their healthcare providers that they receive in their everyday lives. 81% of Americans have a smartphone and texting is the most preferred form of communication in the country, yet when you enter into most emergency rooms, the communication stream cuts off.

At Vital we have extended the modern consumer experience to the emergency department. We're allowing patients and families to see accurate, personalized, up to the minute wait times on their personal phone. Additionally, Vital helps patients to easily schedule follow up from the ED. What's more, Vital helps family and friends to stay in the loop with their loved one from a far on their personal devices.

“Our patients deserve to know what is happening next, and in keeping patients informed, we build trust and reduce anxiety. Vital has provided a valuable tool and means by which we are able to keep patients informed.”Director, Patient Experience

Since launching Vital in April 2020, Vital's partner health system has seen a 38% increase in ED Press Ganey Scores on “Information about Delays” and a 226% increase in “Likelihood to Recommend” scores of, which are very tightly correlated.

One might think that consumerism is only applicable to millennials, but at Vital we are seeing something different. 40% of Vital users are over the age of 50 with users ranging up to 96 years old. Simply put, every age bracket is ready and able to engage with you, now it's your turn to meet them where they are.

Vital is easy to implement, and can help you meet modern patient expectations in the Emergency Department with no extra work from staff.

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